February 04, 2005

The Architecture Development Method (ADM) - Basic Phases

Originally designed as a way to develop the technology architecture for an organization, TOGAF has evolved into a methodology for analyzing the overall business architecture. The first part of TOGAF is a methodology for developing your architecture design, which is called the Architecture Development Method (ADM). It has the following nine basic phases:

• Preliminary phase: Framework and principles. Get everyone on board with the plan.
• Phase A: Architecture vision. Define your scope and vision and map your overall strategy.
• Phase B: Business architecture. Describe your current and target business architectures and determine the gap between them.
• Phase C: Information system architectures. Develop target architectures for your data and applications.
• Phase D: Technology architecture. Create the overall target architecture that you will implement in future phases.
• Phase E: Opportunities and solutions. Develop the overall strategy, determining what you will buy, build or reuse, and how you will implement the architecture described in phase D.
• Phase F: Migration planning. Prioritize projects and develop the migration plan.
• Phase G: Implementation governance. Determine how you will provide oversight to the implementation.
• Phase H: Architecture change management. Monitor the running system for necessary changes and determine whether to start a new cycle, looping back to the preliminary phase.