January 05, 2002

MSDOS Vs Win Prog

Here is comparison between MSDOS and Win Prog

MS-DOS Programming

Windows Programming

MS-DOS calls operating system to get user input.

Windows program processes the input via MESSAGES.

MS-DOS directly accessed video memory and printer So it required drivers for every change of printer.

Windows introduces layer of abstraction called GDI (Graphical Device Interface).Which is the device context this will issue required instructions

When Data has to be accessed by a MS-DOS program, data can be a constant (variable) /it should be in a file.

In Windows programming while running it merges, into a linked program through a process "binding".

Additional memory management Techniques should be used.

Separate files are required to manage the memory.

Windows provides additional memory management feature

Separate files are not required to manage the memory; these are inbuilt in the program.

All the programs are statically linked during the build process.

Every program is linked inside the program itself.

Windows allows dynamic linking.

Every program is linked at the time of running.