April 25, 2002

UML Diagrams and Views

UML Diagrams
The underlying premise of UML is that no one diagram can capture the different elements of a system in its entirety. Hence, UML is made up of nine diagrams that can be used to model a system at different points of time in the software life cycle of a system. The nine UML diagrams are:

• Use case diagram
• Class diagram
• Object diagram
• State diagram
• Activity diagram
• Sequence diagram
• Collaboration diagram
• Component diagram
• Deployment diagram

4+1 View of UML Diagrams

These different views are:
• Design View
• Process View
• Component View
• Deployment View
• Use case View

To remember all the blocks of UML is “Serve cool SOUP during church ceremony” that covers State chart, Class diagrams, Sequence diagram, Object diagram, Use Case diagram, Package diagram, Deployment diagram, Collaboration diagram, Component diagram.