February 27, 2006

SQL 2005: RESTORE FILELIST is terminating abnormally

Using SQL Server Mgmt Studio (2005) I was trying to restore a 2005 database from a backup device and when I tried
to add the backup device in the restore database wizard I got the following error message:

Too many backup devices specified for backup or restore; only 64 are allowed.
RESTORE FILELIST is terminating abnormally.

I tried following command but got same error message:

RESTORE FILELISTONLY FROM disk = 'C:\testportal.bak'

This error message occurs when you try to restore a SQL 2005 database onto a SQL 2000 instance.

When I checked version using “select @@version” it was showing me that I was running SQL 2000!

So I went to Add / Remove programs (Control Panel) and removed SQL 2000 related stuff. (which was unnecesarry)

I tried to backup database from file but again got same error message.

Finally I found that to use 2005 server I have to connect to ‘mymachine/sqlexpress’ and not to ‘mymachine’