December 15, 2006

Some WPF resources

Here are some WPF resouces:

WPF Developer Center on MSDN – it all starts with the MSDN Dev Center
WPF Community Site – tons of samples, tutorials, whitepapers, code snippets, controls, and more!
WPF in .NET Framework 3.0 SDK – WPF SDK reference
Top Ten UI Development Breakthroughs in WPF – a great article on the top features in WPF
The XAML Wiki – central place for designers and developers to find and share XAML samples, controls, and styles
WPF Hands-On Labs – set of tutorials that introduce key features of WPF, guiding you step-by-step through the process of developing a complete WPF app
Getting Started with WPF – a great intro to get you up to speed
WPF Samples – more sample WPF apps
Optimize WPF Application Performance – once you've gotten started, then you'll need to learn how to optimize performance
WPF SDK Team Blog – 'nuff said