December 15, 2004

WebSphere and .NET Coexistence

No doubt this will be best book on WebSphere and .NET Coexistence :)

IBM Redbooks WebSphere and .NET Coexistence: "This IBM Redbook explores the different coexistence scenarios for the WebSphere and .NET platforms. This book is a good source of information for solution designers and developers, application integrators and developers who wish to integrate solutions on the WebSphere and .NET platforms.

Part 1, “Introduction” is a quick introduction to the J2EE (WebSphere) and .NET technologies. It also depicts a basic architectural model that can be used to represent both WebSphere applications and .NET applications.

Part 2, “Scenarios” identifies several potential technical scenarios for coexistence via point-to-point integration between applications deployed in the IBM WebSphere Application Server and applications deployed in the Microsoft .NET Framework. This part provides in-depth technical details on how to implement certain scenarios using today’s existing technologies.

Part 3, “Guidelines” provides general guidelines for solution developers. A list of supporting technologies can help with the solution implementation. The Quality of Service chapter is a collection of services available on both platforms.

The Appendixes go further by using other IBM technologies and describing two integration solutions between Lotus Domino and .NET applications."