December 15, 2006

WebSphere MQ Version 6 and Web Services

IBM Redbooks WebSphere MQ Version 6 and Web Services: "This IBM Redbook illustrates how to integrate WebSphere MQ technology in a Web Services environment. This book provides information about and examples pertaining to this topic, including the fundamental concepts, the technology, and the advanced programming features to help you succeed in your projects.

Web Services are fast becoming the platform for application integration. In fact, they are being referred to as the fundamental building blocks of Service-Oriented Architectures. Web Services expedite the move to distributed computing on the Internet or between businesses.

WebSphere MQ, the key component of IBM's Enterprise Service Bus, ensures single and reliable message delivery.

Multiplatform support enables application integration on heterogeneous networks. WebSphere MQ's application programming interface, features, and adaptors include support for transactional request/reply, tiered, and publish/subscribe application models.

The use of WebSphere MQ as a transport mechanism for Web Services is enabled by the support for Apache Axis and Microsoft .NET SOAP infrastructure in WebSphere MQ V6."