April 04, 2007

Q/A with Mkaif - Java .NET interoperability

Here are some Q/A with Mohammad Akif, Senior Architect MS.You can find his blog at -


Question: Where do you see Java & .NET in the future? will we only see .NET?
Answer: I wish :-), although .NET continue to grow rapidly, I believe that for the next few ears at least we will see both Java and .NET. I do strongly believe that Java cannot survive in its current form and less complex manifestations (ruby on rails etc.) would replace it, some of the simpler to use forms will surrive longer than e.g. EJBs and swing which seem to be on a decline

Question: Is WSE built into WCF, or do I need both?
Answer: WCF is a unified programming model for other MS models like WSE, Systems.messaging, enterprise services and others

Question: Where can I find information about project Tango
Answer: Please refer to "Microsoft at JavaOne" section of my blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/mohammadakif

Question: Where can I find your 'Implementing a hybrid SOA in your enterprise' deck that you plan to present at JavaOne
Answer: I will make it available (or provide a link to it) on my blog after the JavaOne conference in May

Question: How much WCF supports interoperability as against Web Service? Or what extra features WCF provides for Interoperability than asmx web service
Answer: WCF allows you to do everything that ASMX allows plus more, in terms of allowing you to have a standardized programming model

Question: What is the name of the book you mentioned and where can I find it
Answer: It is called 'WCF, step by step' by MS Press, I have posted the link on my blog under 'Vista , .NET resources'

Question: Is WCF the only recommended way to implement interoperability?
Answer: Absolutely not, it is one of the many ways, WCF would take away some of the infrastructure plumbing but is not the right solution (or the recommended solution) in every scenario. We continue to support all the models that I mentioned during my presentation

Question: But "standardized programming model" supported by others too specifically while doing interoperability with other technologies?
Answer: Its 'standardized' in the MS world, plus we are working with a number of vendors to provide additional support, e.g. with Sun micrososystems we are working to test that WCF services can be consumed by them and are engaged in similar initiatives with other vendors.