July 26, 2009

IM databases


TimesTen provides a family of real-time infrastructure software products designed for low latency, high-volume data, event and transaction management. Unlike conventional infrastructure software, TimesTen’s products are optimized for deployment within the application tier. They are used in networks, telecom services, operational support systems, contact centers, airline and reservation systems, and securities trading applications. They are also being used more broadly for mid-tier data management, for example in e-commerce applications and service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructures, because of their performance, low maintenance, flexibility, and reliability.

TimesTen is designed with the knowledge that data resides in main memory and can take more direct routes to data, reducing the length of the code path and simplifying algorithms and structure. (RDBMS designed for disks)

June 20, 2005, the acquisition of TimesTen by Oracle


FastDB is opensource Object-Relational Main-Memory Embedded Database system tightly integrated with C++ language. It uses OS virtual mapping mechanism to access data & provides subset of SQL language with OO extensions.


GigaBASE is object-relational embedded database engine for C++ applications. It provides SQL-like query language, smart C++ interface (loading objects instead of tupples), transaction based on shadowing page algorithm


Mnesia is a distributed DataBase Management System (DBMS), appropriate for telecommunications applications and other Erlang applications which require continuous operation and exhibit soft real-time properties.