December 27, 2009

The Microsoft Cloud – Jack in the box

Following are some snaps & videos of Microsoft's Cloud world.

Microsoft has 5 major locations across the world for the cloud infrastructure.

 Following is the Ariel view of Dublin, Ireland. 
Microsoft data center in Dublin, Ireland  
On first floor all servers are mounted in plug-n-play containers.
Each container holds 200 servers. The Chicago facility has 112 containers holding 224000 servers. The container approach allows a density of 10 times the amount of compute in the equivalent space in a traditional data center. The Chicago facility has total 70000 sq ft data center with over 500$ million investment.


What’s in container? Check the following video:
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How they brought these containers? See the following video:
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The second floor has traditional raised data center space.

To manage these boxes the Chicago facility has
  • 11 diesel generators, each supplying 2.8 megawatts of power
  • 11 electrical substations and power rooms
  • 12 chillers, each with a capacity of 1,260 tons