September 17, 2011

A Comparison between Enterprise-Architecture Methodologies

Roger Sessions explains comparisons between top 4 architecture methodologies in this article.
None of the methodologies fulfills the enterprise architecture however they can be viewed as -
  • The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architectures—Although self-described as a framework, is actually more accurately defined as a taxonomy
  • The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF)—Although called a framework, is actually more accurately defined as a process
  • The Federal Enterprise Architecture—Can be viewed as either an implemented enterprise architecture or a proscriptive methodology for creating an enterprise architecture
  • The Gartner Methodology—Can be best described as an enterprise architectural practice
Following table shows ratings for these four methodologies -
  • 1: Does a very poor job in this area
  • 2: Does an inadequate job in this area
  • 3: Does an acceptable job in this area
  • 4: Does a very good job in this area