August 20, 2009

Freely available web measurement solutions


Web server logfile Software

Win/Unix/Mac Analog is highly scalable, ultra-fast, easily configured to report in over 30 languages, and it works on any operating system. Analog is purportedly the most popular measurement application in the world.


Web server logfiles, FTP logs, mail logs Software

Win/Unix/Mac An open source Perl-based measurement tool, AWStats is a very flexible tool for technically minded folks.


Web server logfiles Software

Unix-based systems, Relatively simple and easily modified Perl-based logfile parser for Unix systems and common logfile (CLF) format web servers.

Log Parser 2.0

Web server logfiles Software

Windows Microsoft tool that allows SQL-like queries against Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) log files.


Web server log files Software

Win/Unix/Mac Surprisingly well-supported by moderately active bulletin boards maintained by a regular software com